February 24, 2024 The ‘National Chinese New Year’ in The Hague The Year of the Dragon

The Hague City Hall, Spui 70: from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Chinatown The Hague, Wagenstraat area: from 10:00

On February 24th. the celebration of the ‘National Chinese New Year’, the “Year of the Dragon”, will be organized jointly with the Chinese community in the Netherlands (LFCON), the Municipality of The Hague and many other organizations. You are more than welcome in the Atrium of the City Hall and the Chinatown/Wagenstraat and surrounding areas of The Hague to celebrate this wonderful event.

The Chinese New Year is the most important festival of the year in Chinese culture and always takes place at the end of January or the beginning of February, due to the difference between the Western and Chinese calendars. According to the Chinese zodiac, 2024 will be the year of the dragon. Unlike the Western zodiac signs, the Chinese zodiac is based on the year of birth rather than the month of birth.

The Chinese lion and dragon dance plays an important role. The dragon is known as a symbol of higher descent and power, the lion symbolizes luck and prosperity. That is why the Chinese New Year is always festively heralded with a colorful dragon and lion dance parade, accompanied by decorative fireworks and of course a delicious Chinese feast for family, friends and important relations. All activities are free of charge.

The Year of the Dragon heralds a year of happiness, wealth, prosperity, and longevity! The Dragon is also the symbol of the emperor in ancient China. The Dragon represents strength and power, wealth and wisdom and is considered one of the luckiest animals in the Chinese zodiac.
Those born in the Year of the Dragon take on the characteristics of the Dragon. In China it is a great honor to be born in the year of the Dragon.

National Chinese New Year celebration at The Hague

Contrary to what the name suggests, the Chinese New Year is not an affair limited to Chinese population groups. In recent decades, the celebration has grown into a global phenomenon. In Paris, London and New York, San Francisco, Sydney, etc., the celebration of the Chinese New Year is included in the list of the largest annual recurring events in which all international sections participate in the cultural, political, and economic fields. It is an event in which the connections with China are refreshed and renewed.

The Chinese New Year is celebrated in all major cities in the Netherlands. In The Hague, the overarching “national” Chinese New Year has been celebrated with all Chinese organizations in the Netherlands since 2002.

Party all day in Chinatown and City Hall

In addition to the celebration at the town hall, the Chinese New Year is, as usual, also be celebrated in Chinatown / Wagenstraat and the surrounding area and in the center of The Hague. All festivities can be visited for free all day long!

Lili Dong, Chair of the Year of The Dragon, National Chinese New Year at The Hague City Hall

Lili was born in Dali in the Yunnan Province of China. She started in the world of television, working as a host and a producer for three years. In 2003 she came to the Netherlands to study and finalized with her bachelor’s degree in International Land and Water Management. Since her arrival in the Netherlands, she has been a beacon of unity and cultural exchange in Chinese and overseas Chinese communities and hosted and organized many events and galas over the past 20 years which have not only fostered cultural exchange but also solidified community bonds.

After her graduation she worked at Huawei as a personal assistant and transitioned into the world of entrepreneurship, laying the foundation for a successful career in Sino-Dutch cultural tourism, business ventures, and real estate. Lili’s company is based in The Hague’s Chinatown. “Always be joyful, never stop praying, and be thankful in all circumstances.” This has become her guiding principle. Her cheerful attitude, inclusivity, and open-mindedness are a testimony to the multicultural society that she calls home. Lili loves the Netherlands, and she has dedicated herself tirelessly to the Dutch Chinese community and the broader society

Despite all the problems, the cheerful celebration of the National Chinese New Year will be organized again as before in the City Hall of The Hague on 21 January 2023 !

For the past two years, the celebration could not take place due to the Corona crisis. The New Year’s wish of the Mayor Jan van Zanen in 2021, that this beautiful cultural event would take place again in the City Hall after the Corona crisis is hereby fulfilled. Due to the short time frame, the Corona traveling restrictions and the many geo-economic vicissitudes, it was uncertain whether it would be to continue. Against all expectations, all stakeholders fortunately decided to organize this international event again in the City-Hall of The Hague.

The Chinese New Year in The Hague has a long tradition. In 2002, the municipality of The Hague signed an agreement with the Chinese community, the LFCON and the embassy stating that the “National Chinese New Year Celebration (CNY)” would be held in The Hague from that year onwards.

The New Year festivities take place in the City Hall but also in the Chinatown of The Hague, with street parades on the Plein and in the city center of The Hague.
The Chinese New Year celebration in The Hague is a special event. It distinguishes itself from the New Year’s celebrations in the other major cities due to its size, the program, and unique collaboration with the municipality of The Hague. It is characteristic that young and old, both internationally and nationally, including the residents of The Hague, actively participate. It provides The Hague with a unique platform in the Netherlands, in which mutual culture, knowledge exchange and common values are the central focus.

The year of 2023 is the “Year of The Rabbit”. The overall organization on the Chinese side is in the hands of the Foundation for Chinese Cultural Events Netherlands (CCEN) and the annually elected committee of the “Year of the Rabbit”

The Netherlands China Association (VNC) coordinates and assists the CCEN on behalf of the municipality of The Hague with application procedures, activities, and communication. The VNC is an independent and non-subsidized Dutch organization which exists over 45 years and is one of the largest organizations in the Netherlands in this context. The VNC publishes the periodic cultural magazine “ChinaNu”.

Chairman National Chinese New Year Celebration 2023

Ms. Sujie Chi is an experienced entrepreneur. After finishing her study at the university, she came to the Netherlands. She and her husband have lived in The Netherlands for almost 30 years. Sujie Chi has been officially elected as the chairman of the committee for the 2023 National Chinese New Year Celebration. In addition to her entrepreneurship, she is also active as the chairman of the Wenzhou Overseas Association Foundation, which works for compatriots from this region. The Foundation supports major events and has also sponsored the Winter Olympic Games.

Sujie Chi introduced her committee in the City hall of The Hague and discussed the plans for the festivities. Without doubt it is going to be another great program again with wonderful performances of Dutch and Chinese top artists and cultural groups.

The Chinese New Year celebration in The Hague has become an important international celebration where family and friends gather to ring in the New Year. A wonderful celebration for everyone, said Sujie Chi.

Date: Saturday, January 21, 2023
Location: City Hall The Hague, Spui 70, 2500 DD The Hague
Start:  Procession 10:30 am
Program City Hall: 11:30 am to 4:00 pm (admission free)

Kung Fu Lion de eerste officiële Nederlandse coproductie met China

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Kung Fu Lion is de eerste film die is gemaakt binnen het filmverdrag China – NL. Kung Fu Lion is ook de eerste Nederlandse jeugdfilm in coproductie met China.

Kung Fu Lion is het hartverwarmende verhaal van twee jongens die leren dansen in een Chinese leeuw. Om zich echter als een leeuw te kunnen verplaatsen, moeten ze eerst leren samenwerken. De film heeft niets met politiek te maken en het is puur toeval dat dit thema zo actueel is juist in deze tijden van verdeeldheid en polarisatie en het is daarom ook belangrijk dat een positieve boodschap als deze wordt gehoord en ondersteund wordt.

Froukje Tan, schrijver en regisseur van Kung Fu Lion meldt dat het een sportieve familiefilm is, waarvoor ze zich liet inspireren door haar Kung Fu-school. Op deze school heeft ze ruim twintig jaar Tai Chi gegeven en ervaren hoe belangrijk de rol van een trainer, coach of Shifu is om opgroeiende kinderen een belangrijk basis te geven voor de rest van hun leven.

De Chinese Leeuw wordt vaak gebruikt om een universeel en verbindend verhaal te vertellen. De Nederlandse filmproducent Flinck Film heeft hierover een overeenkomst getekend met China Film Group Corporation (CFGC), de grootste filmproducent van China, om van de film Kung Fu Lion als eerste officiële Nederlandse coproductie met China te maken. De film wordt op 16 februari as. in Nederland uitgebracht en daarna in China.

Kung Fu Lion wordt rechtstreeks ondersteund door het Nederlands Filmfonds en de tegenhanger in China. Dit is uniek omdat het de eerste film is die is gecoproduceerd in het Chinees-Nederlandse filmverdrag.
Op zaterdag 21 januari wordt het Jaar van het Konijn officieel geopend in het Stadhuis van Den Haag. Zoals gebruikelijk zullen tienduizenden mensen in Den Haag het Chinese Nieuwjaar vieren en eraan deelnemen. Dit keer wordt er de dag daarna echter een bijzonder item aan het programma toegevoegd. De Chinese gemeenschap zal in samenwerking met de VNC en de gemeente Den Haag de film Kung Fu Lion promoten tijdens de Chinese nieuwjaarsviering en zal een “voorpremière” organiseren in de bioscoop Pathe Buitenhof in Den Haag op zondag 22 januari 2023 om 13.30 uur. Na de film is er een receptie met de filmsterren, regisseurs en crew en gasten.

De voorpremière van Kung Fu Lion is mede mogelijk gemaakt door de bovenvermelde organisaties, en ook door Eikenrode Investment B.V., 思腾国际 Steng International, Uplus Holding Coöperatief U.A., Zhong Hua International Trading B.V., Landelijke Federatie Chinese Jongerenvereniging 荷兰华人⻘年联合会

Happy New Year!

Unfortunately, due to the corona measures, it is not possible this year to gather for the national Chinese New Year celebration in the Atrium of The Hague City Hall. We will therefore have to celebrate the year of the tiger in a different way. However, the Municipality of The Hague, the Foundation of Chinese Cultural Events in the Netherlands (CCEN) and the VNC have prepared a New Year’s greeting that will certainly get you in the mood for the New Year.
It will be a special year! First and foremost, of course, the Winter Olympics, which start in China on Friday 4 February. But it will also be 50 years ago this year, that the Netherlands established diplomatic relations with China. And finally, the Netherlands China Association will also be celebrating its 45th anniversary this year! We will celebrate these anniversaries appropriately and wish you all a very good and healthy year of the tiger.

Chinese New Year The Hague 2020

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Zaterdag 25 januari 2020 is het weer zover! De viering van het Landelijk Chinese nieuwjaar wordt volgens de organisatoren nog groter en spectaculairder dan eerdere jaren. Een keur aan artiesten uit China wordt overgevlogen. Bekende Chinese ven Nederlandse artiesten tezamen met de Chinese verenigingen in Nederland zorgen voor een prachtig evenement.

Het Landelijk Chinees Nieuwjaar in Den Haag is een ware traditie geworden en onderscheidt zich door de vele duizenden bezoekers en speciale ambiance van andere nieuwjaarsvieringen in Nederland. Het feest wordt in 2020 voor de achttiende keer gehouden in Den Haag.

2020 staat in het teken van het jaar van de Rat. Een persoon geboren in het jaar van de Rat is intelligent, ambitieus, charmant, energiek en sociaal. De Rat is een harde werker en houdt ervan om onder de mensen te zijn. Ze kunnen de meest onmogelijke doelen bereiken door het aannemen van unieke kansen.

De VNC zal op verzoek van de gemeente Den Haag wederom tezamen met de Stichting Chinese Culturele Evenementen Nederland de algehele coördinatie voeren. De toegang is gratis. Nadere informatie is te vinden op de www.chineesnieuwjaar-denhaag.nl en www.vnc-china.nl

Datum: 25 januari 2020

Locatie: Stadhuis Den Haag, Spui 70, 2500 DD Den Haag

Aanvang: Optocht 10:00 uur; Programma Stadhuis: 11:00 tot 16:00 uur

Chinese New Year Festival 2019 in The Hague

The celebration of the Chinese New Year in The Hague on February 9 was a great success, both in the City Hall and in Chinatown. Due to the strong wind, the fireworks could not go on, but the parades of lions and dragons through the city attracted a large audience. The national celebration in the town hall was attended by many dignitaries from home and abroad. The festival was opened by Mayor Krikke of The Hague, the Chinese ambassador and former minister Laurens-Jan Brinkhorst. What followed was a dazzling show by a world famous Kungfu, song and dance group from Henan province in China. After the break, the show was continued by Dutch-Chinese artists. As in previous years, the Chinese cultural market attracted a large audience, especially the tables with Chinese calligraphy and paper cutting. The Year of the Pig lasts until January 25, 2020. Then the Year of the Rat begins with another festival.
The photo gallery on this website gives a good impression of the festival in recent years.

CNY 2019 Den Haag (foto Richard Mulder)

The Hague ready for Chinese New Festival

Tomorrow, February 9, The Hague will celebrate the start of the Chinese year of the Pig. At 10:00 the City Hall will be ready for welcoming the VIP representatives from governments and business and presenting a splendid show by Chinese and Dutch artists.
Chinatown will be full of colour and noise, when troupes of chinese lions and drakes parade through the streets.

The festival will be officially opened by the Mayor The Hague Ms Pauline Krikke, former Minister of Economic Affairs Mr Laurens Jan Brinkhorst and Charges d’affaires of P.R. China Mr Chen Ribiao.
The festival is free for public. So join us in the city centre of The Hague to celebrate Chinese New Year.

For more information see program

Exclusive Gala Dinner Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year’s Festival in The Hague will be concluded with a Gala Dinner in the city hall on Sunday, February 10. During this dinner, a famous artist group from Henan province will present their dance and singing acts; the same group as during the national Saturday afternoon celebration.

It promisses to be an exclusive evening, a culinary and cultural pleasure for the invitees of the sponsors.
For more information, see Brochure Galadiner

World-famous Chinese dance group in The Hague

Once again this year a famous group of artists from China will be present at the Chinese New Year Festival in The Hague. This time it is a group from Henan province, the HENAN ART TROUPE. They will give a varied performance with music and dance, acrobatics and martial art and Chinese opera as well. It promises to be a grand Chinese spectacle again.

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