Program 2020

Opening of the National Chinese New Year Saturday 25 January 2020, City Hall The Hague

10:00 Doors open
Reception of VIP guests in the town hall
10:30 Lion and dragon dances on Spuiplein / Start of procession
Route around Chinatown Town Hall, Square
11:00 Warming up and supporting act on stage in the City Hall
“Chinese Saxophonist & Big Band The Hague Jazz Project”

For lovers of live music, The Hague is "the place to be"! This City of music has a long tradition with live concerts, festivals and other music activities. Many talented musicians have emerged from this city. The “Hague Jazz Project” is a well-known group of top musicians and present on this special day a top talent from the Royal Conservatoire The Hague, the Chinese saxophonist Chakseng Lam, from the beautiful Chinese island Macau.
11:30 Official opening of the celebration of the Chinese New Year
The opening starts with the traditional awakening ceremony during which the eyes of the Dragons and Lions are colored and painted.
After this ceremony there will be opening speeches by:
> Chairman committee of the National Chinese New Year 2020, MR. Jianbo shao
> Mayor of The Hague, MR. Johan Remkes
> H.E. MR. Xu Hong, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China
> H.E. MR. drs. Bruno J. Bruins, Minister of medical care and sport.
Official presentation of the check for the Princess Máxima Center for pediatric oncology
13:00 VIP reception with lunch
12:30 – 14:00 Chinese Artist Show Gansu Art Troupe

The wonderful and undiscovered province of Gansu, located in northwest of China and bordering on Mongolia, is the birthplace of Chinese civilization. This province with its capital city, Lanzhou, is twice larger than the Netherlands and has approximately 30 million inhabitants. The famous "Gangsu Art Troupe" has a wonderful and fascinating program based on the traditional cultural sources of the province with wonderful strong local characteristics and great artists from the Gansu Opera and Gansu Acrobatics Troupe.
14:00 – 14:30 OG3NE

OG3NE, the famous Dutch vocal group, consists of the sisters Lisa (24), Amy and Shelley (23) who are praised for their particularly harmonious vocal qualities. They are poular by young and old people in the Netherlands but even far beyond as in China. In 2014, OG3NE was the first and only group in the world to ever win the fifth season of "The Voice". During their participation, these wonderful ladies received a three times number 1 listing. OG3NE also received a gold record for the single "Magic". The ladies scored 3 number 1 odds during the success program. For their version of "Clown", OG3NE received a gold record.
14:30 – 17:30 Wonderful and exiting program by Chinese and Dutch artists

1 Group Drumming
Group Drum team Zwolle 12 personen
2 Group Chinese Dance《Me and My motherland》
Huaxing Chinese Dansgroep 12 personen
3 Solo singing《Fluttering red flag》《You Raise me up 》
Chengqian Kong
4 Dance performance
European World Cheongsam Federation Netherland Headquarter
5 Solo singing
Chinese Art Academy Europe
6 Groups dance of children《Me and My motherland》
儿童集体舞蹈 《我和我的祖国》
Delft Chinese school 36 personen
7 Orchestra with original Chinese musical instruments
“Do Re Mi” van Chinees nationaal muziekinstrument in NL
荷兰中国民乐Do Re Mi团队
8 Solo singing
独唱《我爱你 ,中国》,《阿姆斯特丹的运河》
Sichi Yang
9 Mongolian dance
蒙古群舞 《民族团结》
Chinese Vrouwenvereniging Rotterdam 32 personen
10 Group Mulan sword dance
Mulan School in Nederland 8 personen
荷兰木兰健身艺术学校 校长胡兼华等 8人
11 Kungfu and Wushu
Kungfu groep Rotterdam 15 personen
12 Dance
Association Holland-China Economic Trade Educational 12 personen
13 Folk music and dancing
Pandastar groep in Nederland 8 personen
14 Solo singing
独唱 《乡音乡情》,《今夜无人入睡Nessun Dorma》
Xiaolian Ji
15 Dance performance
European World Cheongsam Federation Netherland Headquarter
16 Group singing 《Born to love》
OneLove Choir in Den Haag 20 personen
17 Chinese Qi-pao show
Mulan School in Nederland 12 personen
荷兰木兰健身艺术学校 校长胡兼华等12人
18 Tibetan Dance
Stg.‘t zonnetje FanMei Dansgroep 11 personen
19 Group singing 《Jasmijn flower》
Europese Chinese Vrouwenvereniging van Nederland 30 personen

17:30 End of program