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The Foundation for Chinese Cultural Events in the Netherlands (CCEN) was established in 2001 to promote the integration of Chinese culture in the Netherlands and has since then organized the national celebration of the Chinese New Year in The Hague. In 2020, the Chinese New Year will be held for the 18th time in The Hague City Hall. The Board of the CCEN and the Advisory Committee to the Board consist of the following persons:

Board of Chinese Cultural Events Foundation Netherlands (CCEN)


The Advisory Committee to the Board of the CCEN consist of the following persons:

The festival is celebrated in and around the city hall of The Hague with a dragon and lion parade on the Spui and performances by artists from China and the Netherlands on the big stage in the Atrium of the city hall. The New Year celebration is attended by a few hundred guests from the national and international administrative and political world and the business community in The Hague, as well as many thousands of visitors from all over the country. The festival is freely accessible to the public. See the program for more information.

Committee for the organization of the Chinese National New Year (CNY) 2020

Jianbo (Alex) Shao has been chosen and appointed by the Chinese Associations as the Chairman for the National Chinese New Year celebration of 2020. It promises to be a spectacular program at the City Hall on January 25th, says Shasha Liu, personal assistant to Chairman Shao. A large “Art Groupe” will be flown in from the Chinese province of Gangsu to perform in the City Hall of The Hague. There will also be spectacular performances well-known Dutch and Chinese top artists.

The celebration of the Chinese New Year, has become an important national and international event in recent decades, says Shao. It is like a very big “family celebration of sharing joy and happiness”.

It is important that these festivities also take into account the mutual customs and show respect for the differences in culture. For example, he is very much aware of the sensitivities and recent problems associated with fireworks in the Netherlands. However according to the Chinese tradition, there has to be a lot of fireworks at the opening the Chinese New Year to scare away the evil spirits. The Chinese rolls of firecrackers in this regard often cause air pollution and safety problems. For this reason, the new chairman Alex Shao decided that there will be no fireworks at the opening and celebration of the National Chinese New Year on January 25th! Not only because of the environmental pollution aspects, but especially because of safety issues. Instead of the fireworks, there will be a beautiful parade near the town hall in which all Chinese associations in the Netherlands can participate. The dragon and the lion will also join the procession and bring prosperity and happiness and help to chase away the evil spirits.

Apart from his experience in real estate, Alex Shao also has a track record with charity campaigns. Last year he initiated the go-ahead for successful opening campaigns of the regional “voedselbanken”. On January 25th his credo “sharing” will not be forgotten as the program already includes the “official presentation of a check” for the Princess Máxima Center for pediatric oncology in Utrecht


For the organization of the National Chinese New Year, the CCEN Foundation works closely with local and national Chinese associations in the Netherlands, the Municipality of The Hague and the Netherlands-China Association (VNC). The VNC is the largest organization of its kind in the Netherlands with nearly 900 members and subscribers to the magazine “China Nu”. The VNC is active with, among other things, organizing meetings and congresses in the Netherlands and China, in collaboration with Dutch and Chinese governments, municipalities and provinces and the business community (


The festival is partly funded by the municipality of The Hague, but the majority of the costs are borne by the Chinese associations in the Netherlands and by Chinese and Dutch companies and institutions.