A dazzling Chinese show on Saturday, February 17

The program of the Chinese New Year celebration on 17th of February promises a magnificent spectacle. A large group of artists from China and Dutch-Chinese artists as well will perform a dazzling show.
The day starts with fireworks at the Spuiplein, after which the national celebration in the Atrium is officially opened by deputy mayor Karsten Klein of The Hague, Minister Bruno Bruins, Ambassador Wu Ken of China and Chairman Chi Tseng Pin of the National Federation of Chinese Organizations in the Netherlands.
After the opening there is a continuous program with a mix of traditional Chinese acrobatics, martial arts, singing and dancing. Meanwhile, the public can also discover some aspects of Chinese culture on the market in the Atrium. There are short workshops on Chinese calligraphy, painting and paper craft. Children will have the opportunity to dress up in traditional Chinese children’s clothing.

The festival is free of charge and will last until about four o’clock. Then the Atrium is closed to be arranged for a gala dinner for sponsors. In a beautifully decorated Atrium, guests are served an exquisite five-course dinner, accompanied by performances by Chinese and Dutch artists. Brochure Gala dinner

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